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Welcome to STEMAZINGWomen!

The membership for women in STEM passionate about inspiration and inclusion.

Hello! I'm Alex, the Founder of STEMAZING. Welcome to our community! This members club was borne from my passion to support and champion other women in STEM to be more empowered, own their awesomeness and shine as visible role models, so they can do more to inspire themselves and others. 

In all my years working in STEM industries I came to realise the importance of women in STEM being empowered to bring their whole self to work. Empowered women know what they want, make it happen and inspire others along the way. I have mentored and coached many women in STEM at various stages in their career, and our membership Empowerment boosters are based on my experience of what empowers women to shine.

Empowerment and Inspiration feed each other.

Inspiring others through STEM has so many benefits for the individual and the audience. As a mum of two young kids, I love exploring new STEM activities with them and developing these into simple STEM sessions that can be delivered with ease for maximum impact. I have personally delivered these sessions to hundreds of children and trained many other people to deliver them too. Together we have engaged and inspired thousands of children through STEM so far. 

My aim for this membership is to scale the impact STEMAZING is having to empower many more women and inspire many more children. Together, we can make a real difference!

Watch the welcome videos below and then jump right in!​

Welcome to STEMAZINGWomen!

Hello! I'm Alex, Founder of STEMAZING. Thank you for joining our STEMAZINGWomen community! I'm so excited to have you on board. Listen to these short intro videos to give you a better feel for what to expect.

1. Intro to the

Empowerment element of our membership.

Feeling empowered with authentic inner confidence is key for women in STEM to reach their potential. At any stage in your career, experiencing imposter syndrome and lacking clarity and confidence in your value can hold you back. In STEMAZINGWomen we want you to feel empowered to maximise your potential and impact.

2. Intro to the Inspiration element of our membership

We need more visible diverse STEM role models to inform, influence and inspire future generations. This part of StemazingWomen helps you build your STEM Inspiration Toolbox, stretch and grow your public engagement portfolio, and amplify your impact as a role model to inspire others and yourself along the way.

3. Intro to the Community element of our membership

You are invited to join our STEMAZINGWomen Channel on LinkedIn to share your empowerment and inspiration wins and challenges, interact with others to learn and grow with peer support. When women come together incredible things happen!

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