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Empower and equip your female talent to shine at work and in your community whilst also inspiring the next gen in STEM.

Be the change you want to see. Join the movement paving the way towards inspiration and inclusion for our future innovators and problem solvers.

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Why partner with us?

Here are the staggering statistics:

We still only have 26% women in STEM, and only 16.5% women in engineering.


This is hurting STEM industries. Women make up 51% of the population and STEM organisations are missing out on this vital talent.


We need more people to pursue STEM full stop! But we also must do better at attracting and retaining women in STEM to build a bigger, more diverse talent pool. Diverse teams perform better and have higher levels of innovation, which is fundamental in STEM.  So why do we have this challenge?

Research shows visible role models are vital to:



INSPIRE young people.

Quite simply, you can't be what you can't see.

What's the solution? We need WAY more women in STEM role models out there - in books, on TV, and crucially, in schools! We need to open the eyes of kids everywhere, to raise their awareness and aspirations and show them STEM is for everyone.

BUT, expecting all women in STEM to do this without support or structure is just placing more burden on them, when they already have enough on their plate navigating their career whilst being in the minority.


The answer? Make it easy - be the enabler. By partnering with STEMAZING, you are investing in your female talent to support them right now, whilst giving them the tools and structure to effectively engage the next gen. This structured approach avoids overwhelm and has maximum impact. 


Nurture your existing female talent as part of your diversity and inclusion strategy, whilst simultaneously benefitting your local community of school children who need the opportunities the most! Win-win!

We know STEM outreach engagement at all levels of education is needed, but catching kids at secondary school is already too late. We need to sow the seeds of STEM and smash stereotypes as early as possible


This is why, in STEMAZING, we target primary schools and are also intentional about targeting deprived areas by focusing on primary schools with a high percentage of free school meals or pupil premium.

Through our programmes, your women in STEM will build their confidence with public engagement, develop a toolbox of inspiring STEM sessions they can deliver with ease, and be matched with a Primary School they can build a relationship with.  

STEM empowerment & inspiration made simple!

Testimonials From our STEMAZINGWomen

"The programme has given me so much more than just confidence delivering online STEM sessions. It has really changed my whole outlook on life. I'm saying 'yes' to more opportunities!"

Partner Packages and The 5 Pillars 

Partnering with STEMAZING is proactive. It's about making real change that delivers real outcomes. That is why all our Partnership Packages include tangible benefits through our 5 Pillars. These Pillars shape the foundation and synergy for accelerated progress to collectively make a greater impact.

Pillar 1:

Inspiration Academy


STEMAZING Partners benefit from guaranteed places for their women in STEM on this award-winning 4-month program geared towards enhancing participants' confidence while increasing their portfolio of sensational STEM sessions they can deliver with ease. The programme culminates with each woman running their own STEMAZINGKids Club for 6 weeks to inspire 7 to 9-year-olds.

Ready to be a part of our STEMAZING community? 

We'd love to understand more about your organisation, what interests you about partnership and explore the best option for you. Connect with us below, or just book a quick chat directly with our CEO, Alex. 

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