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A community for women in STEM by women in STEM where you can grow your confidence and blaze a trail for the next-gen.




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“Sometimes it feels like I don’t belong in STEM, no one looks like me or understands what it's like”?

If you're nodding your head, you're in a safe place. I understand, I've been there.

I’ve been in STEM for nearly 20 years and I can honestly tell you that as a woman, it was not a walk in the park.


I loved being an engineer and I wouldn’t trade it for anything but I always felt like I had to “prove” that I belonged.


Let's be honest, there is still systemic bias that negatively impacts women in STEM and this is exhausting.


We need a STEM revolution and that is what we are doing in STEMAZING. We are changing the face of STEM, and we want you to be a part of it.

Tell me if this rings a bell…

  • You feel like you're in a “boys club” culture 

  • You’re still being expected to organise the coffee and take notes during meetings

  • Your ideas are overlooked and *most of the time* Brian gets all the praise for something you suggested a minute ago 

  • You’re constantly mistaken as a junior even when you’re the project lead

  • You struggle to put yourself forward for a promotion or assertively request that stretch project opportunity

  • You feel judged for leaving on time when you need to pick up the kids or visit your OBGYN

  • You are missing a professional community of people that understand and empower you

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But it doesn’t have to be that way.
You can absolutely thrive not just survive in STEM.


Pull up a chair because this is *exactly* why I built STEMAZING. To create an environment for women in STEM where we can champion each other, create momentum in our careers and inspire the next-gen.


Together we can start a STEM inspiration and inclusion revolution. We can ensure our STEM industries become the more diverse and inclusive places they need to be. We can be the change we need to see.

Here’s what our members have to say:

Where to start? Alex has made such an impact on my career and personal development there really is quite a lot to be said.

STEMazing, to put it simply, is a game-changer. It has gifted me the skills, confidence and resources to run hands-on STEM classes with primary school pupils, classes that are appealing, educational and most importantly of all, fun! STEMazing has taught me that to grow, I must move outside of my comfort zone and that as I grow, I am not the only person to benefit from my newfound skills and confidence. It has accelerated my development beyond what was achievable alone and helped me to become the role model I've always known I was but never had the confidence to be until now. But it's more than that; STEMazing has encouraged me to become an ambassador, not only of the STEMazing brand but as an industry leader for inclusion and diversity. As a result, I feel motivated and inspired to offer a helping hand to others within the RACHP industry and beyond, to accelerate their development and help them to become visible role models.

I am certain that without Alex's input I would not be where I am today. If you want to grow, if you want to be part of positive change, if you want to share your knowledge and experience to help build a better world, please do get in contact with Alex to find out how you can start your STEMazing journey.

Thank you Alex for all you have done for me, for the STEMazing Community and for STEM Education across the globe.

~ Lisa-Jayne Cook

Wondering how it works?

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With these mini masterlcasses we’ll cover topics to unleash your inner authentic self-confidence. From aligning your work with your values to raising your profile on LinkedIn to getting clarity with your career direction to presenting like a boss, these training sessions are crafted to help you build your courage and stretch your comfort zone. 

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Be the change you want to see.  Shine as a visible role model for young children. Be the catalyst to creating a more diverse and inclusive future STEM workforce. To support you in your inspiration journey, you get access to many new STEM activities you can deliver with ease, including a video tutorial, templates, key STEM messages and completion certificates.

Women with Sparklers


For women in STEM to thrive we need to champion ourselves and each other.

Diamonds sharpen diamonds! 

In this safe and inclusive space we can empower and uplift each other because when one of us soars, we all take flight.



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We can forge a STEMAZING future because together as a community we are stronger.

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