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Join our community of trailblazing women who are forging a STEMAZING future for the next-gen.

Nobody’s meant to walk this path alone. If you’re a woman in STEM with the heart to make an impact but feel unclear about how to do it all (alongside a thriving career, of course)… 


Welcome to the club! We’ve been there so we’ve built the instrument to make it easy for you to be a visible role model and inspire kids who need the opportunities the most, whilst flourishing in your STEM career.

Together we can be the change we want to see and make a real lasting impact.

Three Women

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Three Women

STEMAZING is a space for women in STEM to thrive and champion inspiration, inclusion, and impact.

Our mission is simple.

It’s all about empowering you to step into the spotlight for others to see what’s possible. 


Our aim is to be a safe space, community, and avenue for you to share your skills with tomorrow’s leaders in STEM.

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Image by Joel Muniz

All while being able to:

Build your confidence &

Grow your public engagement skills

Inspire the next generation with ease

Connect with other women in STEM

This is a place where no one has to feel alone, behind, or stuck in the process of making a difference in an industry where we’re the minority. This is a place that understands the nuances and challenges of thriving in a STEM workforce. Why? 

Because we’ve been there too, and we want you to know that with the right support, you can absolutely thrive while inspiring others to follow suit.

What our members say...

Have we met? I'm Alex!

I'm a wife and mum of two amazing kids. When I’m not hosting a STEM workshop, you’ll find me walking the dog on the beach then coming home to snuggle in front of the fireplace. 

STEMAZING was borne out of my desire to create a make a step-change in inspiration and inclusion in STEM. In the 20 years I have been in engineering, I've seen the number of women in our industries slowly creep up, but it is still painfully far from gender balanced. This needs to change. We need a STEM revolution!

So, 3 years ago I left a stable day job, good salary, and senior position to champion the change I wanted to see.


Research shows the importance of diverse visible role models in STEM for young children to sow the seeds of what is possible for them. Quite simply, we need more women in STEM to engage with young children to inform, influence and inspire them. But this is easier said than done! 

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Safety Engineer

Stemazing Women is a brilliant way to connect with other likeminded women, and to be part of a supportive community.  The monthly bite-size boosts are a great way to reflect on your own personal development, and include challenges to actively stretch your comfort zone.  I've only been a member for a couple of months, but have already learnt some great tips which I am implementing and feel my self confidence growing.


Asset Integrity Consultant

I recommend Stemazing anytime any day. I have learnt a great deal from joining the program and becoming a Stemazing Woman. The trainings are transformational, timely, effective and relatable. The sessions are interactive, exciting and engaging. Being a role model for the younger generation of Scientists and Engineers is truly rewarding. 


rosie barker.jpeg

Research Scientist

My Stemazing women membership has been brilliant.  As a scientist early in my career, this membership is helping me to see where my future career can take me and giving me the confidence to achieve this.  Alex’s bitesize videos are a great boost and give helpful, manageable exercises to try. The Inspiration section has been invaluable, giving me loads of new activity ideas to do with local youth groups.


Over many years, I have found ways to proactively stretched my comfort zone to build my skills and confidence. I know when you inspire others you empower yourself, and this is a very powerful tool. 


I feel very grateful that my engineering career rewarded me with so many opportunities to be involved in world-leading innovation projects, lead teams, travel the world and work with incredible people. However, for years I felt I was missing something, and that I was fighting against being boxed into a stereotype of what an engineer is expected to be. I realised it was time to do more to smash those stereotypes. I needed a STEM revolution and I wanted to build a movement of inspiration and inclusion that every other woman in STEM could be a part of. 

Now I jump at every opportunity to be a visible role model, be that on TV, lecturing as a Visiting Professor, delivering a keynote, or running STEM experiments with a class of 7 year olds! And I LOVE mentoring other women to discover and reach their potential too, as well as encouraging them to level-up as visible role models themselves. This is now my purpose and my passion, and I invite you in on the joy it brings!


With STEMAZING, you can make an impact right where you are, right now. You can inspire the future whilst empowering yourself. You can thrive in your career whilst leaving a legacy of positive change. Together we can be the change we want to see.

Lots of love, 


Enough about me. Since you’re still here, I want you to picture this…

Image by Drew Beamer

You have a network of women turned lifetime friends who understand the challenges of your career firsthand…

You have a winning environment that allows you to own your awesomeness...

You never have to feel “alone”, discouraged, or undermined in our industry ever again…

You make lasting impact with the next generation of STEM leaders who need a visible role model (Yes, you!)…

You celebrate your successes and bring your whole self to work every day excited and empowered to be a part of the amazing world of STEM!

If that sounds exactly like what you’re looking for. Pull up a chair, because with the STEMAZING, all of this is possible.



Meet the STEMAZING Team behind the scenes!

Jesha Soni

Data Analyst

Sue Dodds

Admin Assistant

Michelle O'Donnell

Scotland STEM Lead


You can contact any of the team with your enquiry at


We need you to join our mission of inspiration and inclusion in STEM!

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