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Woman Thinking

Meet a woman in STEM

One of the reasons girls do not consider careers in STEM is because there are not enough visible role models.

Here we showcase STEMAZING women doing a variety of totally accessible, interesting and rewarding STEM jobs.

We want to profile lots of women in STEM doing different jobs - If you would like to feature please click 'Feature Me' below! 

This is why we need more visible 'Women in STEM' role models - see our survey results below.

Girl Gazing

Girls into Engineering Survey

We ran an anonymous survey for young people that identify as female in Year 9 - Year 13 to get their views on STEM.

The results are enlightening! It shows we still have a long way to go to encourage more girls into engineering to address the gender imbalance problem in this sector. Raising awareness and understanding of what engineering is in schools is key, as is making women in engineering role models more visible. You can't be what you can't see!