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STEMAZING is a Call to Action to collectively amplify the voice of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths so we can create a more diverse and inclusive STEM future.

Open your eyes.

We need a step-change in inspiration and inclusion in STEM, and we need you to be part of it.

Great strides have been made towards building equality in the workplace. And yet, statistics show STEM still has a long way to go globally, with only 26% women.

With women having such little representation in our STEM industries, how can we expect to inspire more young girls when we know you can’t be what you can’t see?

It’s time to break this cycle and show all young people the range of incredible opportunities in STEM that are just as much for girls as for boys. You can join our mission and show the world that STEM is for everyone.

Blaze a trail and become the change you’ve been longing to see by joining our empowered STEMAZING community.

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STEMAZING Inspiration Academy

Thanks to our Partners we can offer this programme FREE to a selected group of women and Primary Schools.  Women in STEM benefit by growing their confidence and skills with public engagement, plus their STEM outreach toolbox. Children and teachers benefit by taking part in hands-on simple STEM experiments that promote children's curiosity, creativity and courage led by a woman in STEM role model.

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STEMAZING Women Membership

The community for women in STEM by women in STEM, where you can grow your confidence and blaze a trail for the next-gen. We’ve created an environment where we can champion each other, create momentum in our careers and inspire the next-gen through monthly empowerment boosts, private online community and our tailored STEM Outreach Toolbox.

Fists in Solidarity

STEMAZING Partnership

For organisations and institutions in STEM. Empower your female talent through our award-winning initiatives that also inspire the next gen of STEM leaders. 
As a not-for-profit, our mission is to empower women in STEM to shine as visible role models and inspire young people to become our next generation of innovators and problem-solvers, and we’ve inviting you to be part of it.

What STEMAZINGWomen say...



I recommend STEMAZING any day. I have learnt a great deal from joining. Being a role model for the younger generation is truly rewarding.



STEMAZING, to put it simply, is a game-changer. It has gifted me with the skills, confidence and resources to run hands-on STEM classes with primary schools.



STEMAZING has massively improved my confidence and helped me to champion myself as a STEM role model.



Being part of STEMAZING resulted in me being promoted to a business partner because I had the confidence and inspiration to progress to the next level in my career.

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STEMAZING has been a catalyst to my success this last year and has assisted me making great strides in personal and professional development.

Image by Kiwihug

Hi, I'm Alex!

STEMAZING was born out of my desire to help other women and minorities thrive in this male-dominated industry whilst giving young people the every-day role models they need to see. I believe this is key to solving our current and future global challenges. Without a more diverse and inclusive STEM workforce we will continue missing out on the talent and ideas that are critical for inclusive innovation to problems that impact us all.

I’m a Chartered Engineer and worked in STEM industries for over 15 years before founding STEMAZING. Throughout my career, I recognised the importance of people being empowered and confident as part of ensuring diverse teams thrive. However, as a recovering  wallflower, I understand firsthand how hard it can be to claim your confidence and own your value. (All while having to navigate the nuances of a demanding role). 

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If you also recognise this is needed, you can join us - as a Partner organisation to enable and benefit from our work, as a woman in STEM to empower yourself and inspire others, as a school to benefit your children, or as part of our wider STEMAZING community of allies and supporters to champion our mission. 

Through STEMAZING, you can benefit yourself, your organisation and your community all at the same time. You can make an impact right where you are, right now, and reach new heights of personal growth whilst leaving a legacy of positive change with every step you take.

I can't wait to collaborate with you! 

Lots of love, 


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As a woman in STEM it can sometimes feel like you are  alone, with nobody that really gets you. In a male-dominated field you can experience microaggressions that make you feel undermined and undervalued. When there is a lack of diversity and inclusion you can feel like you don’t belong and your unique contribution is not recognised or your needs are not supported. All of this is exhausting and holds women back or worse pushes them out of STEM completely. I realised it was time to be the change I wanted to see. Women in STEM deserve to have a platform in which they can nurture their purpose, recognise and reach their potential and pursue their passions all while excelling at work.

STEM is for everyone.
Join our mission of inspiration and inclusion.

Thanks to our growing STEMAZING community, we are already making real impact.



STEM experiments in Primary schools

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Copy of StemazingWomen Montage.png


STEMAZINGWomen confidence increased



teachers 'extremely' or 'very' satisfied

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STEM experiments in Kenya & Ghana

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