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Alex Knight

Unlikely engineer, recovering wallflower and Founder of STEMAZING.

From shy imposter to award-winning engineer, keynote speaker, visiting Professor and social enterprise Founder.

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My Mission

In 2019 I sold my house, left my job and cancelled Netflix so I could build STEMAZING with the mission to drive a STEM inspiration and inclusion revolution. 

My Why

Growing up with a disabled sister made me acutely aware of the stark inequalities in life. This sparked a fire in me for equity and inclusion. But as a shy wallflower for many years I was powerless to do anything about it. 


In my 20s I found my courage. In my 30s I found my voice. In my 40s I recognised I was a role model with the power to make positive change. 

For over 15 years I loved being an engineer in industry. Working on incredible projects across the UK and internationally. But, without more diversity in STEM our industries are stifled. Diversity drives innovation. This is the key to solving our Global Challenges and it's urgent we do more to tackle this problem now.

This is why I left my role as a Technical Director in London, to focus full time on STEMAZING to create a stronger, more diverse STEM future.


I now run STEMAZING from our home in Northumberland, where I live with my husband, our two kids and dog. I wear multiple hats but all with a focus on EDI - from mentoring, to training, to speaking, to running fun STEMAZINGKids experiments in schools! I'm reminded every day why this work is so important, and why we have to keep pushing for positive progress.

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My Vision

I'm so proud that STEMAZING is now a movement where diverse people in STEM all around the world are collectively leading thousands of inspiring STEMAZINGKids experiments with Primary aged kids in areas of high socio-economic need.

But this is only the start. I want every young person to have multiple meaningful engagements with STEM role models at every step of their education journey. This is going to require an army of everyday role models.

I thrive on empowering others to level-up as role models, through the STEMAZING programmes we run and mentoring I do. I continually stretch myself to be an even more visible STEM role model, speaking on bigger stages and appearing on television. Through our STEMAZING Community I know we all have so much more potential to collectively level-up for even greater inspiration, inclusion and impact. 

This is the STEM revolution we've been waiting for.

Want to work directly with Alex?


Spark ideas. Create change.

Bringing in an external speaker is a great way to ignite ideas, create space for new thinking and drive positive change.

Carol Cairns


"Alex is truly inspirational - as keynote speaker at our Women in STEM events she brought energy, insight and practical tips.  The positive impact she is having through her STEMAZING programme both for young girls and the ladies supporting is also incredible. Northumbrian Water are a proud partner. I would highly recommend Alex and STEMAZING."

Phoebe Lynch


We hired Alex as a keynote speaker for our companies Women’s Network 5th anniversary event. The 2 day event was attended by 100+ delegates. Alex was absolutely fantastic and really stood out! She spoke about the importance of being a role model and the tools and techniques needed to have confidence to do this. We had really great feedback on her slot from many of those who attended. Thank you Alex!!"

Chrisma Jain


"Alex, thank you so much for presenting at TfL during our week long celebration of International Women in Engineering Day. As always your presentation was perfectly polished and extremely engaging. The importance of STEM really resonated with my colleagues and has sparked a debate about increasing the number of STEM ambassadors within our organisation and how we can actively do this."

Signature Talks

From 15 minute keynotes to 1 hour interactive workshops. Choose from a popular topic below or speak to Alex about tailoring the content for your audience and event.

Child Learning Numbers at School

Be The Change

This informative and inspiring session engages the audience leaving them empowered to shine as visible role models. The perfect motivator for people that want to 'give back' and leave a legacy by inspiring young people, but are lacking the confidence or tools to have maximum impact. We will cover the importance of diverse role models, common barriers and practical tips for being the change we need to see.

All Hands In

The 'I' in Inclusion

This interactive session empowers the audience to play their part in creating a more inclusive workplace that benefits everyone.

Inform and inspire your teams to become advocates for inclusion. We will cover the importance of diversity in STEM, common biases, microagressions and what we can all do to become majority allies. Participants leave with their personal pledge for making a positive difference.

Pose at Protest_edited.jpg

Role Model Revolution

Alex shares her personal story from shy wallflower to active role model and what led her to create STEMAZING.

With hard hitting evidence for why we need more people in STEM to 'level-up' as visible role models to spark an everyday role model revolution and transform apathy into agency in our companies and in our communities. This is the foundation of the fabric of our future, and it is urgent that we do something about it now.


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Work with Alex

Alex is an accomplished presenter. She has appeared on engineering TV shows for Channel 5, Prime and Curiosity Stream and regularly speaks at events and conferences.

Choose from one of her signature talks below, or speak to Alex about tailoring a talk for your audience.

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Unleash your potential

Work with Alex, 1-to-1 or in small group mentoring and coaching cohorts.

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Worth with Alex to support your team through our Mentor Training or STEM Outreach training

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