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The STEMAZING Community

The Community for EVERYONE on a mission to create a more diverse and inclusive STEM future.

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Let's drive a STEM revolution, together.

Join the STEMAZING Community and be part of something meaningful, making a real difference together.

Being a catalyst for change doesn't have to hard!


We make STEM inspiration simple with a range of resources, tutorials, webinars and peer group discussions you can access on-demand to help you be the change we need to see in our schools, industries and society.

Our Community is open to everyone in STEM - professionals, students, educators and families, allies, all genders, backgrounds and nationalities. We do not require that you have STEM qualifications to join.


We need an army of everyday role models to drive real change, and that includes YOU!

Empower yourself.
Inspire the future.

We are here to help empower and equip you to level-up as a visible role model.

This is a win-win.

Inspire the next generation and simultaneously benefit yourself and your career. This is the key to sustainable STEM outreach that leaves a legacy.

Join the Community and get access to:


  • STEMAZING top-tips, tutorials and templates for engaging young people so you can lead truly inspiring interactive STEM workshops in your local schools and wider community.

  • Empowerment from the experts to equip you to level-up as a role model, maximise your impact and benefit your everyday life and career.

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Support Group

"We're in this together" 

Join our Community group chat and live online discussions for sharing ideas, best practice, questions and peer support.

There is no single solution to effective STEM outreach but through collaboration we can learn from each other to continually level-up.


We also know some people in STEM still face barriers, experience toxic cultures and struggle with lack of equity and inclusion in the workplace. 

Join the Community and get access to:

  • Our inclusive group chat for quick messages, signposting to opportunities and peer support.

  • Community Safe Space Sessions for sharing about the challenges people are facing, and the opportunities to make positive change.

  • Facilitated forums for hearing other people's stories to open our minds and our hearts. This is an important part of levelling-up as role models of equity and inclusion in our everyday lives.

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The Community for EVERYONE on a mission to create a more diverse and inclusive STEM future.

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Support to empower yourself and inspire the future in STEM

"We're in this together" safe space online discussions

"Level-Up Live" webinars for empowerment and inspiration

Access to Community Group Chat for sharing & learning

Resources and tools to maximise your impact as a role model

Community building online networking

STEMAZING Community Catalyst digital badge

FREE "I AM STEM AZING" metal pin badge posted to you!

We can't wait to see you on the inside!

Please help us by spreading the word about the STEMAZING Community with your friends and colleagues. Thank you!

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