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Stemazing women

The membership community for women in STEM passionate about inspiration and inclusion.

  • Be empowered and build your authentic inner confidence to discover and unleash your full potential.

  • Shine as a visible role model to raise your profile and inspire a more diverse and inclusive future STEM workforce.

  • Share, learn and grow in a supportive community where everyone champions themselves and each other.


The big challenge in life is to become all that you have the possibility of becoming.

Being empowered with clarity and confidence is key for setting and achieving ambitious goals. You are capable of more than you realise. As a woman in STEM you can make a real impact in the World, but lacking inner authentic confidence can hold you back. 

Discover and unleash your potential with our StemazingWomen boost of empowerment every month. As a member you gain access to bite-size booster videos containing empowering tools and tips you can use to build your courage and stretch your comfort zone.


New videos every month accompanied with simple worksheets you can use to drive real action for you. 

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Be the change you want to see.


We need more visible and diverse role models in STEM. This is key to inform, influence and inspire next generations to pursue STEM and become our future innovators and problem-solvers. It is also key to creating a more diverse future STEM workforce that will create inclusive solutions to benefit everyone.


Shining as a visible role model to inspire the next generation not only means you will leave a legacy of impact on our future STEM superstars, but you will also inspire yourself to shine more at work and in everything you do.

As a member you will get access to new STEM activity ideas designed for a Primary aged audience each month that you can deliver with ease to build your STEM outreach Toolbox. Any associated templates will be included available to download.

A little inspiration goes a long way.


When women support each other incredible things happen.

For women in STEM to thrive we need to champion ourselves and each other. In our StemazingWomen community we are able to share, learn and grow in a supportive, empowering space.

As a member you will get access to our private online networking channel where you will find other women in STEM passionate about inspiration and inclusion. We encourage and champion each other to step outside our comfort zones and always:

  • approach life with curiosity,

  • approach challenges with creativity, and

  • approach opportunities with courage.

Our Members' channel is on Slack to avoid social media groups for this particular community.

You also have the option to join group challenges that stretch you in an Accountability Group so you create even more effective outcomes whilst building stronger bonds with other Stemazing Women. 

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Join our community of Stemazing Women today!

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What's not to love!

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